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Partnering for Innovation

At Biogen Digital Health, we partner with evidence-based digital health innovators across who are dedicated to unlocking novel solutions with potential to transform patient care. Our focus is on collaborations that support the Biogen portfolio across neurology, immunology, and mental health. We believe in uniting the best of science and technology to enable the shift toward more personalized, prevention-focused, affordable, and equitable care.

Our Partnerships Philosophy

We are committed to unlocking the power of digital health in neuroscience, and we know we cannot do it alone. Collaboration is a key part of Biogen Digital Health’s culture. We partner broadly with the digital health ecosystem to create, launch, and grow breakthrough applications in neuroscience.

We believe in strong and lasting partnerships, combining our resources and expertise to create greater value together. We selectively partner with like-minded organizations that place a premium on digital health innovation. To ensure a long-lasting relationship, we believe in:

  • Shared passion and dedication to improve care for people living with neurological diseases through digital health.
  • Complementary assets and capabilities.
  • Collaborative and entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Commitment to quality and measuring impact.

“At Biogen Digital Health, we believe that we cannot transform neuroscience alone. Partnering is critical to accelerating innovation. We are committed to bringing excellence and world-class capabilities in collaboration with digital health innovators to transform neuroscience, with the goal of improving patient lives.”

J.R. Williams,
Head of External Innovation & Alliances

As a partner to digital health innovators, we bring:

Clinical and development expertise across 13 neuroscience therapies

Unique data capabilities, including high-quality datasets and dedicated team members

Commercial capabilities, value and access, sales, and marketing across 33 countries

Product development and evidence generation collaboration to streamline validation and scale of new solutions

Agile and clear organization deeply engaged and aligned with Biogen core businesses and priorities

Key Focus Areas

We are pioneering neurotech with a focus on the following therapeutic areas: immune diseases, neurology, and mental health.

Enable R&D and Real-World Evidence
By evolving toward differentiated personalized medicine capabilities.

Equip Clinicians
With evidence-based digital health solutions to better detect, diagnose, predict, treat, and monitor diseases.

Empower People
Living with diseases through digital health solutions for better outcomes along the care journey.

Expanding Adjacently
With a goal toward synergistic digital interventions to prevent, treat, and manage diseases in areas of unmet need.

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