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Business Development

Business Development and External Innovation partners across the organization to evaluate growth opportunities and lead transactions with potential partners. Positioned at the intersection of business and science, this team has a key role in building for the future of Biogen by looking for innovative opportunities that align with Biogen’s strategy.

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Commercial Strategy and Commercial Operations is at the intersection of data sciences and commercial investment decision-making. We collaborate with colleagues in Market Access and Sales and Marketing to determine the most effective business approach for getting our therapies to the patients who need them. We carefully consider and deploy the investment and strategic placement of our resources.

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Corporate Affairs

Corporate Affairs tells the story of all that Biogen stands for and does. We enhance the healthcare environment through excellence in global communication, policy analysis and alliance development, building meaningful relationships with those who advocate for patients. We work to create an environment that supports Biogen’s focus on developing innovative therapies.

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Engineering is responsible for supporting all capital projects and processes at our drug substance and drug product sites. We manage the design, development and testing of high visibility, complex projects from ideation and conceptual design through design/technology transfer and implementation readiness within a cGMP regulated environment.

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Environmental Health & Safety

Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) works on reducing or eliminating risks in the workplace and working to minimize our impact on the environment, so we can best fulfill our obligations to our employees, our community and our shareholders. EHS professionals at Biogen are not only subject matter experts, but also EHS generalists, resourceful and customer service oriented.

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Facilities & Infrastructure

Facilities and Infrastructure encompasses a range of responsibilities across organizations that allocate, optimize, enable and preserve Biogen’s sites and buildings worldwide. This global team covers Facilities Services, Facilities Maintenance, Infrastructure and Capital Management and Space Planning.

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Finance & Accounting

Finance partners with departments across the organization, driving continued financial success as well as creating and maintaining shareholder value. A strategic partner to the business, the team’s scope includes setting our long term strategic financial trajectory, collaborating with different parts of the organization on project feasibility, determining profitability of new product lines, developing pricing strategies across various markets as well as conducting financial due diligence on potential collaboration efforts across the industry.

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Human Resources

Human Resources (HR) drives initiatives to attract, develop and retain smart, proactive, courageous and collaborative talent with a diversity of perspectives and backgrounds. As a key contributor to company-wide strategic decision-making, HR also helps drive the company’s business strategy forward.

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Information Technology

Information Technology supports corporate strategy and priorities by improving productivity of individuals and teams, reducing friction across the extended enterprise and enabling high-quality decision-making.  We do this while proactively managing risk to Biogen’s business and reputation through information security, regulatory compliance and operational continuity.

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Legal & Compliance

Legal & Compliance plays a key role in Biogen’s strategic decision-making. Serving as a guardian of the corporation and advising on potential risks within the industry, our work is dynamic, fast-paced and collaborative.

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Pharmaceutical Operations & Technology (PO&T) is responsible for producing quality therapies that are delivered to patients when and where they need them.  We apply visionary thinking about the way we manufacture and distribute our products, as well as how we support clinical trials and strategize for opportunities in biosimilars.

PO&T has been recognized as a strategic differentiator within the industry – a key contributor to Biogen’s success. Our goal is to set a standard for operational excellence.

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Market Access

Market Access brings together science, medicine and economics to leverage the clinical and economic value of Biogen’s important work. We develop business strategies to support reimbursement and patient access to our therapies, and identify better solutions in areas such as outcomes, quality metrics and care delivery.

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Worldwide Medical brings a broad perspective to Biogen’s scientific community. We gather, interpret and disseminate scientific and medical insights from multiple channels. We share insights with the broader scientific community to establish leadership and expand engagement with leading thinkers. Our goal is to pursue real-world data generation and provide medical leadership for innovative research initiatives. Through publications, congresses, symposia and other forums, we actively engage with external parties like healthcare providers and patient advocacy groups.

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Patient Services

Patient Services’ goal is to educate customers about our products, to provide services that facilitate the process for access to our treatments, recognizing the importance of compliance with FDA and other applicable standards. We strive to support people as they manage their therapy when it comes to living with multiple sclerosis (MS) and spinal muscular atrophy (SMA).

We work closely with Marketing and Sales to ensure consistency in the messages we provide to our customers and assist with patient retention. Based in both the Weston, MA and Research Triangle Park, NC offices, we provide support services to help our patients cope with the challenges associated with living with their disease, as well as find resources to assist eligible patients in obtaining free or discounted medicines. 

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Postdoctoral Program & Fellowships

Our Postdoctoral and Fellowships Program gives promising scientists support and experience in an atmosphere that values collaboration and innovation. We aim to create an environment where creative scientists who are passionate about answering fundamental scientific questions that lead to drug discovery can flourish.

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Procurement works with stakeholders in every functional area to maximize value in annual spend and reduce operating risks. We work to improve delivery timelines and increase project value through innovative market intelligence, detailed analytics, robust RFP process and contract negotiation.

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Quality Control provides technical leadership and active oversight from the start of batch production in manufacturing to the end of the product lifecycle. Our work includes raw material and environmental testing at the start of batch production, release testing and stability testing throughout the lifecycle.

The Quality Assurance team is responsible for supporting the review and approval of validation and engineering documents, test protocols, CAPAs, deviations, and any technical documentation requiring Quality Assurance approval before implementation and upon completion. The corporate quality function is responsible for developing and managing our quality systems, training and audit.

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Regulatory is a global, multi-faceted group unified by the interconnected goals of serving Biogen and making a difference in the lives of patients. As the liaison between Biogen and regulatory authorities, we are involved in the entire life cycle of a therapy, from inception to commercialization. We are grounded in science, with the versatility and adaptability to work in an ever-changing and complex regulatory environment.

Regulatory also plays a vital role in guiding Biogen’s drug development strategies, processes and communications interfacing with all functions across the value chain of the organization.

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Research & Development

Research & Development focuses on illnesses with high unmet needs and providing an intellectually stimulating, dynamic environment that values integrity, respect, cross functional team work and open communication. We work hard to ensure employees have the opportunity for stimulating career paths. Biogen is a science-driven company. Founded by scientists, we continue to be committed to original research that uncovers the underlying biology of complex diseases.

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Sales & Marketing

Sales and Marketing teams are on the front lines every day, ensuring that Biogen products have the right visibility for the patients who need them most. We manage multiple global brands, support Biogen’s existing portfolio of therapies and help prepare new drug approvals for launch. We work from a deep understanding of the science behind our therapies and the disease areas that they treat.

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Technical Development

Technical Development is responsible for all aspects of technology related to the development and manufacturing of medicinal products for patients around the world who may benefit. Through this accountability, we are stewards of:

  • All product, process, methods and equipment technology in PO&T from exploration & design through operation.
  • Technical expertise and knowledge that creates the value chain from starting materials to commercial products.
  • PO&T’s physical infrastructure from project planning through reliable performance.
  • Turning innovations into realities for patients.

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