Biogen Digital Health

About Us

Through digital health transformation, we enable Biogen R&D, medical, commercial and regions, and are a connective tissue between our company and the digital health ecosystem.

Biogen Digital Health is a global unit of Biogen dedicated to pioneering personalized and digital medicine.

Our unique organization brings together scientists, data scientists, software engineers and digital product managers, allowing us to break down silos across disciplines to aspire to make a lasting impact for patients.

Our Team


Talents from diverse backgrounds

Our Locations


Hubs in Boston, Zurich and Paris

Our History


Creation of Biogen Digital Health

Our Culture

We believe culture matters. Our people reject the status quo and live by agile principles.

We strive for impact through excellence, innovation and collaboration. We bravely go where others won’t. Our people are interdisciplinary and passionate, caring deeply, working fearlessly and changing lives.


We focus on opportunities that have the potential to make a meaningful difference, striving for longer and higher-quality lives for patients.

We proudly support and enable Biogen to become a pioneer in neuroscience.

We set ambitious goals, define key expected results and measure outcomes in everything we do.


We combine strategic thinking and scientific rigor with exceptional execution in all our undertakings.

We stretch for amazing and don’t settle for “good enough.”

We confront our failures, persevere through adversity and learn from successes to improve individually and as a team.


We are responsible for contemplating, exploring and challenging the status quo.

We foster a culture of trust and empowerment that encourages openness, ideation, failing forward and experimentation.

We think big, start small, scale fast and always seek to make the complex simple.


We search for great ideas within and outside the team, nurturing and embracing differing perspectives to make better decisions.

We know magic happens through diversity of thought, expertise, culture and background, fostering a safe space.

We recognize the power of collective intelligence over egos and strive to understand before seeking to be understood.


Careers at BDH

We have a global footprint with hubs in Cambridge, Zurich (Baar) and Paris. If you are passionate about digital health, inspired by transforming patients' lives and willing to roll up your sleeves, join our team.