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Biogen Digital Health

Biogen Digital Health is dedicated to advancing the use of digital medicine and health technologies. Our aim is to de-risk and accelerate our R&D engine and increase our commercial impact to improve human health.

Our Portfolio

Our portfolio of digital health programs includes initiatives across clinical development and real-world settings in various stages.


Proprietary patient-centric digital biomarker platform to assess neurological functions remotely for more precise, frequent measurement of disease evolution, for example for Parkinson’s.

AI² (in collaboration with Icometrix)

Clinically validated AI-based assistive software for the detection and quantification of ARIA, which could improve safety monitoring and management of Alzheimer’s disease patients treated with amyloid beta-directed monoclonal antibodies.

Digital exercise platform that offers at-home, tailored programs for people living with neuromuscular diseases.


Virtual reality (VR) solution to improve neuromuscular disease patients’ experience during medical procedures


Digital care companion smartphone app to help people better live with MS

Partnering for Innovation

At Biogen, we partner with evidence-based digital health innovators across the ecosystem who are dedicated to unlocking novel solutions that may transform patient care. We believe in leveraging external capabilities and partnerships to capture advances in the field, closely linked to Biogen’s future priorities and areas of focus.

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