Maintaining healthy operations during the COVID-19 pandemic

Since the early days of the pandemic, employee safety and well-being have been a top priority for Biogen. We have put in place very clear measures aimed at maintaining critical work so that we can continue delivering lifesaving medicines to people around the world.

We have been meeting, and, in some cases, exceeding the official guidance to protect our essential workers. We are closely following the developments in this space and will continue to adjust our protocols as necessary based on local health authority guidelines.


Prioritizing Employee Health, Safety and Well-Being

We have a deep sense of gratitude to our essential workers in the labs and manufacturing facilities who have continued their work with strict safety measures in place. As we learn more about the COVID-19 virus and how to stay safe, we update protocols and keep our employees and contractors informed of the latest developments.

A significant portion of our colleagues have successfully worked from home and this way of working will continue for some time. We are also encouraging the use of flexible work arrangements so that employees can manage their individual situations and still be productive.


Ensuring Continuous Supply of Medicine to Patients

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have continued to operate our manufacturing facilities and supply our therapies, including biosimilars in Europe, for people around the world who are living with serious diseases. While we do not anticipate any interruptions, we cannot exclude the possibility that the continuing efforts to contain the spread of COVID-19 may have an impact in the future on our ability to manufacture or supply our therapies in certain areas of the world.


Creating Effective Ways to Serve our Patients and the Medical Community

We continue to be focused on delivering vital medicine to patients. We have adopted new models and digital technologies to engage with each other, our external stakeholders and to support the needs of patients and the medical community. We have implemented several initiatives to advance this effort, including adapting the way we conduct clinical trials, virtualizing customer engagement practices and applying digital technologies to collaborate with patient groups and the medical community. We believe that, in some instances, this crisis can be a catalyst for change and for re-inventing the way we conduct business in service of patients and the medical community everywhere.


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