Commitment to Science – Jude's Career in Research

It takes commitment to research areas of unmet need. For Jude Prah, this commitment comes from his personal connection to pharmacy. From a young age, he supported his mother through medical battles. He recollects that, during these hospital visits, he’d talk with pharmacists who would explain to him the intricacies of those ailments which affected his mother. “Although these situations were some of my toughest experiences it also gave me something I am forever grateful for—an unwavering passion for pharmacy.”

Prah would take this passion into academia, studying first at Kwame-Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in Ghana, pursuing a bachelor's in pharmacy. Moving forward he sought out work in community and hospital pharmacies, eventually going for a PhD in neuropharmacology where Prah says he saw the most unmet need—and therefore the biggest area of opportunity.

“Neuropharmacology appealed to me because there is so much we don't know about the brain. As we live longer, diseases that affect the central nervous system are on the rise. It is because of the challenges these diseases pose that I work to develop cures.”

After a friend overdosed on an antidepressant drug, Prah says that his decision to focus on neuropharmacology was solidified. He went on to research the mechanisms of drug actions and central nervous system disease pathogenesis at the University of North Texas.

Today, Prah works at Biogen researching Alzheimer’s disease. When asked about what led him here, he said: “There is nothing I love more than when I am working with other engaged individuals towards a common goal,” going on to explain that “Biogen's commitment to employees, diversity, equity and inclusion, and environmental sustainability is unmatched. Here, I am encouraged to learn, grow, and innovate."

As a part of our Neurodegenerative Disease Research Unit (NDRU), Prah identifies, designs and plans experiments related to his specific disease area. He says that growth and development has been a large part of why he’s stayed at the company for as long as he has. Between the hard and soft skills he’s acquired, Prah says that he’s gained an understanding of different disease areas in addition to Biogen supporting his development of leadership skills. Regarding the latter, he was nominated for and participated in The Partnership’s Associates Leadership Development Program. This course, geared for up-and-coming talent, was a nearly 10-month virtual program designed to deliver critical tools for success, including managing up, self-advocacy, and strong peer networks.  

For those interested in research, Prah says that it is important to develop in-depth, foundational understandings related to your area of expertise. Hands-on work and research experience is paramount. However, what is abundantly clear about Prah’s work is that it comes from a deep desire to make a difference. From supporting family members and friends who have struggled with medical complications, to working towards diversity in STEM fields, Prah’s work is personal and is always geared toward a greater goal.

If you are interested in researching innovative medicines like Prah is, visit our careers site to learn about our current opportunities.