CEO Letter

2021 Year in Review: Our Commitment to Corporate Responsibility

The year 2021 was an eventful one for Biogen and our portfolio, and one of continued execution across our base business. Neuroscience, Biogen’s principal area of focus, is an attractive field with great potential for innovation and scientific breakthroughs that address significant unmet needs of patients living with devastating diseases.


Going fossil fuel free

The climate crisis is a health crisis. That’s why we completed a life cycle assessment of three biosimilars products, creating a roadmap to reduce our environmental impact. It’s one way we’re working to go fossil fuel free.


Driving health access

Better access to healthcare equals better health outcomes. Learn about our Community Advisory Board and how 100% of the U.S. clinical trial studies we initiated in 2021 included a plan to recruit underrepresented patients.


Advancing inclusion

Our promise is that employees will receive equal pay for equal work. We’re disclosing data like our global gender pay gap, which builds on our pay equity analysis.


Enhancing transparency

Transparency across ESG issues is a key part of our collaboration with stakeholders. We are an early adopter of the new U.N. Global Compact reporting framework.