Financial Assistance

Biogen is dedicated to helping patients obtain access to our therapies.

Our skilled patient support representatives have access to a comprehensive suite of financial assistance tools to help patients, their caregivers and health care professionals understand, compare and select insurance options and programs that are available to them. Specifically, we have programs to assist individuals who are uninsured, privately insured and insured through public programs, such as Medicare.

Financial assistance and insurance services for individuals who have been prescribed Biogen medications include:

  • Benefit investigation to help understand and determine the best coverage options for patients, including assistance with understanding prior authorizations and denied claims;
  • Insurance counseling for the uninsured and underinsured to help with obtaining adequate coverage, such as Medigap, COBRA and Medicaid;
  • Support navigating the U.S. healthcare reform law (Affordable Care Act) to help patients take full advantage of new coverage opportunities;
  • Enrolling eligible patients in the Biogen $0 copay program in which patients pay $0 a month for their drug costs and procedure costs when eligible;
  • Helping patients find assistance through charitable organizations to cover items such as insurance premiums and copays, and
  • Providing free medication to eligible patients in need.