In a year when some might have slowed environmental initiatives, we pursued firsts in climate, health and equity, launching our most ambitious environmental commitment to date.

Biogen is a science-based company that cares deeply for human health, and we recognize that urgent action is needed to address climate change and other environmental issues. The connection between the environment and human health is well documented, so we focus on science-based efforts to mitigate any environmental and human health impacts and risks related to our business:

  • Climate change
  • Air pollution created by the burning of fossil fuels
  • Water, specifically withdrawal from watersheds and release of treated wastewater
  • Waste, with an emphasis on minimization and beneficial reuse
  • Up and downstream impacts related to resource usage, particularly plastics
  • Climate risk


Paul Blanchard, Senior Engineer, Facilities at Biogen, helps power the energy management program at our Cambridge operations, a key part to helping Biogen go fossil fuel free.


Healthy Climate, Healthy Lives™

The connection between the environment, health and equity inspired us to accelerate our climate ambition in 2020 with new Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) approved goals. We launched our Healthy Climate, Healthy Lives™ initiative, which made Biogen the first Fortune 500 company to commit to fossil fuel-free operations by 2040.

Learn more about Healthy Climate, Healthy Lives.


Implementing Sustainable Transportation in Portugal

In 2020 Biogen committed to transitioning to an all-electric vehicle fleet by 2025 and joined the EV100 partnership to help catalyze change.

Biogen Portugal's sustainable transportation strategy ».


Additional Environmental Progress

We are committed to enhancing our transparency by disclosing air pollution emissions, water usage and waste processing.  

Learn more about our long-term sustainability processes and read more our Environment priorities in our Year in Review report.




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