Supporting Local Communities



Our commitment to making a positive impact in the world includes locations that are close to home: the communities in which we operate.





Supporting youth and education

The Biogen Foundation is deeply committed to sparking a passion for science and discovery, supporting effective science education initiatives and strengthening efforts to make science education and science careers accessible to diverse populations. Most of all, we want young people to know that through science they have the ability to change the world.

The Biogen Foundation’s Community Lab gives middle and high school students a hands-on introduction to science. Students conduct biotechnology experiments at our state-of-art facilities and interact with scientists and other biotechnology professionals. While the Community Lab aims to inspire students, the STAR program aims to strengthen support for local educational landscapes. More details about the first full year of the STAR program can be found here.

The Biogen Foundation collaboration with MGH Neurology is a unique opportunity as it inspires by immersing participants in interactive learning with a diverse group of neuroscientists, equipping them with mentored research opportunities, and empowering them by facilitating the translation of participating youth’s experiences into scientific abstracts, publications, awards, and community service. As per National Institutes of Health and American Association of Medical Colleges data, Female, Black, Latino, American Indian, and low-income populations have a large burden of neurologic disorders and remain underrepresented in the neurology and neuroscience workforce. Hand-in-hand with MGH Neurology, we hope to bridge these gaps by developing a youth STEM education and research program that actively engages with underrepresented youth, who have been missing the opportunity to contribute to building a more diverse neurology and neuroscience workforce. This program aims to influence the workforce for years to come by engaging high school and undergraduate students. By proactively working to build a diverse community of future neuroscientists and neurologists with strong leadership skills, the MGH Youth Neurology Education and Research Program hopes for a greater chance of meaningful discoveries and innovations while advancing equity and reducing health disparities.

Amidst COVID-19, we’ve worked to adjust the program to still inspire, equip and empower, through STEM Career Interactive chats and virtual projects with Neurology and Neuroscience Professionals. Mentors at MGH and Biogen will utilize interactive video experiences to keep equipping youth with meaningful mentored academic experiences related to basic, translational, clinical and health services research.

Additionally, the Biogen Foundation has both a U.S. Grants Program and international Grants Program. In 2019 the Biogen Foundation gave just over $6.5 million in community grants to a range of nonprofit organizations.

Learn more about the Biogen Foundation, the STAR program and Community Lab.





Caring Deeply

Giving Tuesday is a global generosity movement that unleashes the power of people and organizations to transform their communities. In 2019, 265 Biogen employees donated close to $300,000 to nearly 300 organizations including food banks, cancer centers and children’s programs in the U.S.

Biogen works with Food for Free, a well-established non-profit organization which collects and donates fresh produce, dry goods, canned foods and breadstuffs from local stores to help feed Boston’s hungriest families. To date, Biogen volunteers have produced over 20,000 meals in the Biogen Family Meals kitchen. Their efforts have reached over 25 different agencies and schools in the Greater Boston area, including 7 K-12 schools and 4 Community Colleges.

In recognition of our efforts in the community we were listed in the JUST Capital Top 100 for Healthy Communities. Just Capital recognizes U.S. companies doing the best job supporting healthy communities.

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