Biogen partners with n-Lorem Foundation



Biogen is committed to addressing the unmet medical needs of patients who are underserved, vulnerable or underrepresented. This year, Biogen collaborated with n-Lorem Foundation – a nonprofit organization established to provide antisense oligonucleotides (ASOs) to potentially treat patients with ultra-rare diseases (conditions that affect 1 to 10 patients). Biogen invested an initial $1 million as one of the first corporate donors.

“It is important that we seek to address the needs of all patients with neurodegenerative diseases – in particular those with ultra-rare diseases,” said Cherié Butts, Medical Director, Digital & Qualitative Medicine at Biogen. “n-Lorem provides an opportunity to do what many organizations may not, for a variety of reasons, and Biogen is not only offering funding but also its expertise.”

ASOs are relatively new to the field of neurology and Biogen believes they hold great promise in treating some of the most challenging diseases of the brain. They are one of a few molecules that accesses the formidable blood-brain barrier – a divide which blocks approximately 95 percent of both oral and intravenous treatments. ASOs are also highly specific, and may have the potential to address genetically-based disorders directly in the brain.

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