Creating sustainable science with green chemistry



At Biogen, while we strive each day to produce ground-breaking treatments, we also aim to do it while improving our environmental performance. This focus on integrating more sustainable processes into our drug development has had a positive impact on the production of clinical assets.

For example, between 2017 and 2019, we reduced by 90 percent the environmental impact for the production of a Phase 1 compound while reducing the cost of production by more than 85 percent. As stewards of our communities and the environment, we continue to look for opportunities to apply green chemistry principles to every treatment we develop.

Our efforts extend beyond our own lab benches. We are part of multiple industry efforts to promote green chemistry including the ACS Green Chemistry Institute Pharma Roundtable. As a member of the roundtable, Biogen works with other pharmaceutical companies to promote the development and use of sustainable chemical technologies.

Learn more about our Climate Strategy.