Optimizing Patient Outcomes



By prioritizing dialogues, programs and interactions with the patient community, we strive to help achieve better health outcomes for those struggling with devastating neurological and neurodegenerative diseases. We believe neuroscience is the next frontier in treatment – and where the risk of failure keeps others away, we stand unafraid to go where others won’t.

In listening to and learning from patient advocacy groups, we hope to better understand how to meet patient needs. These critical collaborations provide us with first-hand perspectives about the unique challenges that many of our patients face, enabling us to better represent their interests. As part of our efforts, we recently created an SMA experience café located in Munich’s city center. Co-created by Biogen, in collaboration with patient assistance groups in Germany, this café was built in order to raise awareness of SMA in the country.

Not only do we consult with members of the patient community, but we also prioritize regular patient engagement so we can identify opportunities for improvement. We actively engage in ongoing communications with global, regional and local patient groups for all therapeutic areas, constantly seeking to gain a better understanding of the patient experience.





Aby and Cleo

After only 18 months on the market, our mobile MS applications Aby and Cleo are now available in 10 countries – the U.S., Germany, France, Italy, the United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, Spain, Belgium and Austria. By taking a holistic approach to patient support, Aby and Cleo provide real-time access to nurse educators, who are available to answer questions and provide tailored tips to help manage symptoms and reduce stress. At present, the apps are used by 1 in 10 MS patients (roughly 100,000 people) across these global markets, which is a major milestone in digital technology support for individuals struggling with this disease.





SMA Identified

In 2018, we launched SMA Identified, a program in collaboration with genetics company Invitae Corporation to offer no-charge genetic testing to individuals suspected of having, or those who have been clinically diagnosed with, SMA.

In 2019, we announced SMA STAT, a new, rapid-turnaround genetic test for SMA, offered at no charge to individuals in the U.S. as part of the SMA Identified program. The SMA STAT test reduces the time needed for genetic testing from 21 days to 4 days to help confirm a definitive diagnosis of SMA, which enables individuals and physicians to plan and begin treatment earlier for what is often a life-threatening disease. Clinical studies have demonstrated that early diagnosis and treatment of SMA may prevent the development of severe symptoms, improve motor function and slow the progression of the disease.

We have also been working closely with those affected by SMA through the disease education website Together in SMA™. This program provides information about SMA and its symptoms, insight into care options and perspectives on a range of topics – such as nutrition and adaptive equipment – from experienced caregivers and healthcare professionals.