Working at Biogen

Beyond Benefits

We are committed to the patients we serve, and we are equally committed to supporting the health and happiness of our employees and their families. When our employees are healthy, happy, and financially secure, everyone benefits.    

We believe that a rewarding work environment enables you to make a positive impact on the communities we serve. Helping you find the right work-life balance benefits your family. Your individual experience has great potential to affect many other lives. 

Because we recognize that our workforce is diverse and each employee has unique goals and needs, we offer a variety of benefits and incentives to meet those needs.


Building Your Career

We empower our employees to build rewarding careers at Biogen and foster a culture of learning that inspires employees to reach higher and take initiative.


Our Philosophy

We want our employees to work fearlessly: to have the courage to speak up, step up, and lead. We hire highly motivated people with the expectation that they will seek out growth opportunities as they present themselves on the job. 

By reaching your individual potential, you will help us achieve success in delivering to our patients.

Career and development planning

A vital part of our business is developing our people by offering fresh challenges, projects and opportunities. We create focus and accountability for growth and development by setting leadership and developmental goals. Each employee works with their manager to create developmental goals and a plan to achieve them to enable their performance and drive their professional growth. This empowers employees to own their careers, helping them prioritize experiences that build their knowledge, skills, and abilities. We provide tools and resources to support managers and employees so they can engage in meaningful development planning.

Biogen aligns its business strategy with capability needs. We conduct annual assessments of employees’ potential to ensure that we have a strong pipeline of talent to match our future growth.


Development and Internal Mobility   

We believe in growing our organization organically from within and encouraging employees to apply their capabilities and skills to new roles and different areas of the business. Whether a lateral or vertical move, a role change can help our employees stretch and grow. We also offer a variety of leadership development programs to prepare our employees for new roles within the company. We offer residential, cohort-based leadership development programs for high-potential directors and senior directors to prepare them for executive roles.