Elements of Our Culture

Much like the periodic table of elements documents the building blocks of the universe around us, the Biogen Elements give shape to our company’s culture. They include fundamentals like a pioneering spirit, strong ethics, personal accountability, inclusivity, agility, and an unwavering customer focus. Because we have a unified approach to our individual jobs, because we are one Biogen.

This direction is a celebration — and a reminder — of all that makes us unique — and all that makes us the same.


Customer Focused

We keep patients, payers and physicians front and center in our daily work and collaborate to solve critical scientific and business challenges. We listen with empathy to respond to current needs and to develop the foresight to anticipate future needs. We drive success through win-win outcomes.



We embrace and leverage differences to foster an inclusive community, both internally and externally. We collaborate across teams, break down siloes and encourage diverse perspectives and backgrounds at all levels to optimize performance. We exhibit mutual respect in all our interactions and assume best intent. We treat everyone with care and dignity.



We challenge the status quo and experiment to create new possibilities. We take calculated risks and learn from failure. We are resilient and navigate through ambiguity with determination to innovate. We encourage candor to test assumptions and uncover the best ideas. We are open about what we do not know and ask questions to understand.



We are decisive and execute with efficiency and discipline. We adapt in response to internal changes and external disruptors. We develop solutions quickly to take advantage of emerging opportunities. We design and implement processes that enable us to operate nimbly and effectively.



We set clear, aligned and measurable objectives to drive results. We directly communicate our expectations and define clear roles and responsibilities. We honor our commitments and deliver on our goals. We assume responsibility for both the positive and negative impacts of our actions and decisions.



We never compromise our integrity. We are committed to sustaining an environment of trust, honesty and transparency while ensuring appropriate confidentiality. We do what we say and say what we mean. We take responsibility for upholding our reputation.