Building Your Career

Grow Your Career

At Biogen, we value every employee’s unique career goals. It’s our priority to focus on you as you build a rewarding, lasting career that develops your potential, enriches your professional experience and continues to inspire you to care deeply, work fearlessly and change lives. 


Career and Development Planning

We work with employees to establish professional goals and help you develop a fulfilling career. We recognize your commitment to Biogen by offering new challenges, projects and opportunities to allow you to focus and grow professionally.

Every Biogen manager is encouraged to work closely with their team members to develop career goals, supported by the tools and resources needed to achieve them. We want our employees to feel empowered to drive their professional growth by enhancing their knowledge, skills and development.


Development and Internal Mobility

Our focus on each employee’s success reflects a commitment to grow our Biogen team from within. We want you to apply your skillset and expertise to new roles and new areas of our company to help you develop a fulfilling and rewarding career.

Our career development programs include Orbit, a temporary work assignment program that allows employees to experience new roles across the company. Our programs also include the Biogen University learning platform, which teaches employees about our processes, software, and policies. In addition, Biogen University offers leadership development programs to all people managers, preparing them for the next stages in their careers.