As a purpose-driven company, we believe serving humanity through science has never mattered more. For Biogen, that includes bolstering our commitment to corporate responsibility, caring deeply about making a positive difference for patients, our employees, the environment and the communities where we live and work. Climate, health and equity are deeply interrelated challenges that demand bold action, and that’s why we're advancing a healthier, more sustainable and equitable world.

Access & Health Equity

We are committed to addressing inequities across the healthcare ecosystem – from research and clinical trials to equitable access and culturally competent care.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We seek to engage the world’s brightest minds and have long prioritized diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) not only as a moral imperative, but as a competitive strength.


The climate crisis is a health crisis. We are committed to reducing our environmental footprint by eliminating harmful emissions and by minimizing resources used to manufacture our products.

Commitment to Communities

The CoLab, previously the Biogen Community Lab, is a classroom-style community laboratory where local nonprofits, teachers and Biogen employees collaborate to catalyze the potential of life science learners from marginalized communities, contributing to a more diverse and effective healthcare ecosystem in the Greater Boston and RTP, North Carolina areas.

Biogen Foundation

The Biogen Foundation is committed to advancing better health by engaging our employees and collaborating with high-impact partners in local communities. Through the Foundation, we strive to make an impact beyond our medicines, focusing our grantmaking on equitable access to healthcare by strengthening health systems and providing access to nutritious food, a critical social determinant of health.

Reporting & Principles

Data disclosure can build trust, and Biogen has long been responsive to evolving stakeholder expectations around transparent reporting on material environment, social and governance (ESG) issues.

Our Approach to Corporate Responsibility

We care deeply about making a difference and we are passionate about our commitment to patients, our employees, the environment and the communities where we live, work and play. The foundation for these commitments is reflected in our approach to corporate responsibility — an approach we believe provides real benefit for our business and the world.

Our employees care deeply and believe in the work we do. We come to work every day knowing thousands of people worldwide count on Biogen and our therapies to make a meaningful difference in their lives.

We are committed to advancing health equity for the disease areas we treat, help provide a solution to social and environmental challenges, cultivate a workplace that enables our employees to thrive, support local communities and inspire future generations of scientists. This is central to our mission and vital to our growth. 



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