Corporate Giving

Each year, Biogen commits significant financial support through a variety of corporate giving initiatives that positively impact the communities where we live and work.

Grants & Sponsorships

Biogen’s global grants and giving strategy aims to catalyze scientific innovation, address unmet patient needs, and advance medical and disease education through funding a variety of programs and initiatives.

The quarterly Grants review cycle has now come to a close (on October 31st) and we will temporarily defer the acceptance of any new grant submission until 2024. The next review cycle will reopen in early 2024. Please refrain from any submissions until that time. If you submitted a proposal prior to October 31st, and are awaiting a response, you will receive a response by November 10th.

  • Grants: Financial contributions provided to eligible organizations to support specific, time-limited projects or programs with identified objectives, without tangible benefit to Biogen in return.
    • Medical Education: Funding to an eligible institution or organization to support independent medical educational activities for HCPs and researchers. Medical Education may be accredited or non-accredited.
    • Patient Education: Funding to an eligible institution or organization to support independent educational activities for patients or caregivers.
    • Fellowships: Funding for training programs created by medical schools, academic medical centers, teaching hospitals, or other healthcare-related organizations to support faculty and visiting scholars to advance their educational and research activities.
    • Infrastructure: Funding for infrastructure upgrades for healthcare organizations or institutions.                                 
    • General: Funding to support a project or program that does not fit any of the other defined grant categories.
  • Sponsorships: Financial contributions provided to eligible organizations in connection with specific events or initiatives in exchange for tangible benefit to Biogen.


Biogen Foundation

The Biogen Foundation supports access to science education for diverse populations and to essential human services for children and families in the communities in which we work and live. Learn more about our commitment to sparking a passion for science and discovery.

Medical Research

Biogen supports medical research that advances scientific knowledge of disorders relevant to our therapeutic portfolio and products aimed toward improving the quality of patient care.

The following study types are considered for medical research support:

  • Investigatory-Initiated Trial (IIT): An unsolicited preclinical, clinical, outcomes- or disease-state-related study for which a proposal is independently generated by an investigator.
  • Sponsor Research Agreement (SRA): A collaboration between Biogen and an investigator on a research proposal. Biogen and the investigator collaborate on the design and the interpretation of the results.

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