Biogen launches Neurodiem

With the nonstop influx of scientific data in neurology, healthcare professionals often struggle to stay up to date on the latest developments. They simply don’t have the time to search through multiple journals and pour through lengthy articles in search of new advances. To address this challenge, Biogen established Neurodiem – a single, online platform that aggregates high-quality scientific content in 18 neurology topics, all in a digestible format. The topics include: headaches, neuromuscular, critical care, genetics, pain, dementia, movement disorder, epilepsy, cognition and stroke. The service was developed by listening to neurologists’ needs through extensive research, interviews, prototype testing and ongoing user feedback to ensure the service is relevant and constantly improving.

Neurodiem is a non-promotional digital platform from Biogen available in six languages and available in the U.S., France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Canada and Japan. The objective, scientific information on the platform is entirely independent from Biogen. It is selected, written, and published exclusively by independent scientific writers and editorial partners, who have ongoing relationships with faculty from academic institutes, and hospitals worldwide. In 2019 the platform featured over 3,000 daily summaries from key publications, exclusive content from over 400 key medical experts on emerging topics, 200 expert talks, real-time highlights from 12 international neurology conferences and access to over 800 full-text articles from renowned neurology journals.

“Neurodiem is a great resource that keeps neurologists well informed about the latest developments in our field, which ultimately benefits our patients,” says Professor Frederik Barkhof, Professor of Neuroradiology within the UCL Institute of Neurology and UCL Institute of Healthcare Engineering. “I especially appreciate the independence of its content, the breadth of topics covered and the ease of use of the platform.”

In 2019 Neurodiem was voted by neurologists as one of the top two preferred neurology websites across seven countries surveyed.* More than 7,000 healthcare professionals, including over 4,000 neurologists, registered to the platform in less than one year. In 2020 Biogen plans on expanding Neurodiem in more markets and adding a Neurodiem app to provide easy access to information on-the-go. Additionally, the digital team behind the platform is strongly focusing on improving the user experience through advanced personalization. These enhancements aim to provide healthcare professionals in neurology with the best and most convenient service to stay up-to-date in their ever-evolving field.

*According to Pascaleo survey of 496 neurologists in seven countries, December 2019

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