Novel Instagram campaign in Japan shows MS in a new light



Biogen launched the first multiple sclerosis (MS) campaign attracting Instagram users in Japan to boost awareness and understanding of MS using beautiful imagery of patients. The program, which shows the many faces of MS patients, launched on World MS Day on May 30, 2019, and was initiated to counter the low awareness level of the disease throughout the country.

Biogen worked with a renowned local photographer and Instagram influencer to create and share beautiful, engaging photos of women in Japan living with MS. The impressive photos aimed to educate and inspire women in their 20s to 40s to learn more about MS through the patient stories as well as through the Biogen MS support website. The program resulted in triple the number of searches for MS information through Biogen’s disease awareness website, MS Support Navi, and triple the number of average MS app (Cleo) downloads.

The program will continue into 2020, along with additional efforts in the latter half of the year.