Investing in science education in Germany



In 2015 Biogen Germany started a collaboration with the Science Lab Project, an initiative in Munich that fosters science education with elementary school students of lesser socio-economic backgrounds. In order to bridge the gap, the initiative utilizes a dual-pronged approach: professional development for teachers in the field of natural sciences and the implementation of co-teaching in order to create more inclusive and hands-on learning environments.

In the past five years, the program has reached more than 13 schools, 189 teachers and 2,183 students from underrepresented communities around Munich. Biogen will continue this successful program in 2020 and by working closely with the city of Munich, we aim to deepen our community ties and be a source for engagement and collaboration. The program will help young children to not only form an interest in the natural sciences but also develop skills with respect to experimenting and communication and critical thinking.