Our Purpose



Caring Deeply. Working Fearlessly. Changing Lives.™ These words are not just a philosophy we live by but are words that define every action we take. A deep unwavering commitment to the patients we serve, the employees that make us who we are and the environment and communities where we live and work. At Biogen, we are not afraid to go where others won’t.

With our expertise and technology, we have pioneered drug discovery in neuroscience and we remain committed to expanding access to new potential treatments. Our goal is to make a meaningful difference in the lives of people suffering from devastating neurological and neurodegenerative conditions. Not because we can, but because we must.

In addition to serving patients, we are passionate about our commitment to our employees, the environment and our local communities. These commitments not only reflect who we are and our dedication to changing lives, but also to changing the world we live in for the better.