Our Culture



Biogen attracts some of the world’s leading innovative minds – people who have the courage to strive for what seems out of reach and people who are driven to transform patient care with the goal of improving brain health, mobility, vision and breathing.

Our people are passionate about making a global impact. They live their passion every day by working to help solve societal problems, supporting local communities and encouraging the next generation of scientists. We empower our people to build rewarding careers by encouraging colleagues to learn, take initiative and seek growth opportunities.





Our Culture & Talent

At Biogen, we’re not afraid to go where others won’t – not just because we can, but because we believe we must. We strive to create a workplace culture that fosters learning and development, where employees are empowered to own their careers and are motivated to grow.

Our employees are encouraged to take advantage of an array of professional development resources.

In 2019 we partnered with LinkedIn Learning as our new e-learning resource, providing our employees access to over 8,000 on-demand learning modules in English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese and Portuguese.

Additionally, we have a rich selection of courses and trainings that are offered both in person and virtually through Biogen University. Regardless of where our employees are in their careers or in the world, there is something for each and every one of them.





In 2019 Biogen broadened their collaboration with Everwise to offer a comprehensive mentoring solution to employees. Through this offering, employees are provided a year-long personalized learning experience to support their development. Everwise uses software solutions to extend learning beyond content to incorporate people and development experiences. Using an algorithm, participants are matched with a dedicated mentor and Everwise Experience Manager to identify and work towards short-term professional goals for 6 months. The Everwise Platform and Community provides resources along the way for 12 months. 245 Biogen employees were enrolled in the program in 2019 as mentees while 115 enrolled to be mentors. Following its great success, the program will continue to expand in 2020 and beyond.

To create and sustain a workplace as diverse and inclusive as the patients we serve, we offer programs that invest in our talent pipeline and in our current leaders, including:

  • ARC (Activate, Reflect and Co-Create): Preparing top talent for the rigors of executive roles
  • WLP (Women’s Leadership Program): Addressing the unique challenges faced by female leaders to increase influence and impact
  • ELR (Executive Leadership Retreat): Immersing leaders in topics designed to help them shape culture and build resilience

In 2019 we also established a Research Fellow Program to attract top, early-career scientists and build a sustainable talent incubator for Biogen’s research engine. To date, eight fellows have joined the program and we are planning to build the program into 15 fellows by the end of 2020. This program seeks high-caliber PhDs and Postdocs who are interested in gaining experience in the biotech industry, providing them the opportunity to contribute to our pipeline and portfolio projects as well as collaborate with some of our most accomplished scientists.

At Biogen, we believe that Diversity & Inclusion is essential to solving complex problems. We proactively serve as positive agents of change through our commitment to improving Diversity & Inclusion, by supporting the next generation STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) workforce. We are proactively working to inspire students to become part of the future generation of innovators, healthcare professionals and researchers We hope that our culture will inspire those in our communities. We received the following recognition for our work in Diversity & Inclusion:

Throughout 2019 we continued to embrace the Biogen Elements: Customer Focused, Inclusive, Pioneering, Agile, Accountable and Ethical.  The Biogen Elements give shape to our company’s culture and guide who we are, how we work and what we strive to be. Our CEO Elements Awards celebrate employees who have made significant contributions to our strategy while embodying the Biogen Elements.

Additionally, our annual Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) Awards recognize employee efforts in four areas: safety, health & wellness, sustainability and resiliency.





Workplace Community

We’re especially proud to support families at Biogen. In 2019, we opened the Bright Horizons Care Center at our campus in North Carolina, where 1,500 Biogen employees work. The state-of-the-art center provides childcare support for up to 50 children and is open year-round with a variety of programs to support family needs. Read more about Bright Horizons Care Center.

Our teams are not only passionate about enhancing our workplace , but we're also engaged across a wide range of activities to support our local communities, such as Care Deeply Day, Giving Tuesday, the grants we make through the Biogen Foundation and our unique, hands-on Community Labs, which have provided more than nearly 55,000 students a hands-on introduction to science since 2002.





Awards & Recognition

We are honored to be recognized as a company of choice for employees. In 2019, we received the following recognition:

  • Forbes list of the World’s Best Employers: Ranked 85th
  • Forbes list of America’s ‘Most JUST Companies’: Ranked 30th overall, 1st among ranked pharmaceutical and biotech companies

Learn more about our workplace community and talent philosophy: Working at Biogen.