Virtual Community Lab: DIY Slime


  • White glue, such as Elmer’s
  • Borax solution (1.5 grams of borax per 50 ml of water. It’s OK if not all of the borax is dissolved.)
  • Food coloring (optional)
  • Plastic cup
  • Popsicle sticks for stirring
  • Plastic zip-lock bags


Slime Recipe* (per student):

  • 30mL of glue (about 1 oz.)
  • 1 drop of food coloring (optional)
  • 80-120 drops of borax solution (stock solution of 1.5g borax in 50mL of water)


*One of the best parts of this activity is that amounts do not have to be exact. The protocol listed below is a good starting point but if there is more or less glue or you add more or less Borax the Slime will just polymerize faster or slower.



1. Fill one of your plastic cups with about 30 mL of glue. (Until the glue is about 1 inch up the side of the cup)

2. (Optional) Add one drop of food coloring into the glue. Stir well using a popsicle stick to get an even color.

3. Add a few (e.g. 20) drops of the borax solution to the glue and start mixing them together.

4. Add 20 more drops of borax, stir, and repeat to until you get a ball of Slime. (Roughly 80 drops will give you a stickier Slime and 120 drops will give you a firmer Slime

5. Pull out the Slime and knead it with your hands!

Note: Initially you may get some residual glue on your hands. If so, you may need to add a bit of borax solution to your hands. As you knead the Slime, it will pick up all the bits of glue off of your hands.

6. Have fun playing with your slime!


Share a picture of your slime on social media, and use the hashtag #BiogenCommunityLab