The same determination that drives our science is reflected in our corporate citizenship and sustainability commitment. We are focused on enhancing access to therapies, improving science education, providing humanitarian relief, maintaining carbon neutrality, and creating a company where all employees can pursue their passion while making a difference in the lives of the patients we serve.

As a leading biotechnology company, we believe our commitment to improving lives and health outcomes must go beyond the therapies we provide toward making a contribution to solutions for social and environmental challenges we face as a society. 

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Improving lives

Led by world-class research and development, Biogen uses novel science and leading-edge technologies to discover, develop, commercialize, and manufacture transformative therapies for patients with few or no treatment options.

As we enter a transformative period in neurology, Biogen is driving a deeper understanding of disease biology and developing life-changing treatments for the millions of people suffering from neurologic and rare and genetic conditions. Learn more about our pipeline.

We realize the challenges of taking on these diseases are bigger than any one company. That creates a critical need for collaboration and finding the right partners between research institutions, the public and private sectors and across industries. Learn more about Biogen’s approach to collaborations.

Securing access to treatment for patients involves complex negotiations with governments, regulatory agencies, third party payers, pharmaceutical benefit managers, pharmacies and hospitals throughout the world. It also requires demonstrating to physicians and payers the benefits and value of our treatments. We continue to seek access to treatment for more patients and have increased transparency around our drug pricing principles.

Data science, market access and patient advocacy expertise has been more closely partnered with our research and development (R&D) through the drug development process, helping provide important insights used to design better clinical trials and help ensure patient access. Learn more about how we support patients.

View the full Improving Lives section in our 2015 Corporate Citizenship Report.

Rethinking resources

As Biogen continues to grow and provide access to treatment for more patients, we remain committed to globally reducing our environmental footprint by maintaining our carbon neutral status and minimizing the amount of resources it takes to manufacture our therapies. Learn more about our commitment to environmental sustainability.

View the full Rethinking Resources section in our 2015 Corporate Citizenship Report.

Driving engagement

As a responsible corporate citizen, it is incumbent upon us to engage with a range of internal and external stakeholders, be an active voice in public-policy matters that impact patients and our business and work to better the communities where we work and live.

From collecting insights that help us shape R&D, to partnering to improve disease awareness and access, to engaging on policymaking that encourages research, innovation and access, patient advocacy organizations help us to understand the patient’s perspective and support equitable access to treatment. Learn more about how we support patients through advocacy.

Biogen focuses on policy issues impacting discovery, development and delivery of innovative biopharmaceutical products to improve the lives of patients. Learn more about our public policy focus.

We care deeply for those around us and strive to not only serve the best interests of patients, but work to be model neighbors in the communities where we operate. We are committed to inspiring the next generation of scientists through effective hands-on education programs that cultivate a healthy curiosity in young learners. Learn more about our commitment to our communities and the Biogen Foundation.

View the full Driving Engagement section in our 2015 Corporate Citizenship Report.

Acting responsibly

Acting responsibly includes everything from the way we source and manufacture our products, to the way we develop employees and embrace diversity and inclusion, to the way we conduct our business and work with our global stakeholders.

Our commitment extends to the integrity with which our therapies are developed and delivered to the patients who need them. Learn more about our commitment to patient safety, world-class manufacturing, and supplier diversity.

Attracting, retaining and developing exceptional talent is the key to our future and to Biogen’s mission of positively impacting patients’ lives. To this end we celebrate and embrace innovative thinking, diversity and inclusion and a culture that protects the health, safety and wellness of our employees. Learn more about our focus on our employees.

Integrity, transparency and sound corporate governance is essential to sustaining our growth and success as a company and to maintaining the trust of all stakeholders. Learn more about our ethical business practices.

View the full Acting Responsibly section in our 2015 Corporate Citizenship Report.