Our two main U.S. campuses in Cambridge, Massachusetts and Research Triangle Park (RTP), North Carolina each feature a dedicated laboratory classroom that hosts local middle and high school students free of charge. The Community Lab is the signature example of our commitment to STEM education. It offers daylong, interactive science activities, intensive summer programs and opportunities to meet the real scientists of Biogen.

The Cambridge facility is the longest-running, hands-on corporate science lab in the nation, serving as the model for a growing number of similar initiatives in the biotech community. Nearly 25,000 students in Greater Boston have participated in our programs since the Community Lab first opened in 2002.

Last year marked the first full year of operation for our RTP Community Lab in North Carolina. Modeled on the success of our Cambridge program, the Community Lab expansion continues Biogen’s mission to inspire the next generation of STEM leaders through hands-on learning. 

Our goal is to get more kids excited about science by giving them the opportunity to actually engage with our scientists and see first-hand what the different career opportunities are in the biotech industry.

— Tracy Callahan
Community Labs Director

Biogen Community Lab Summer Sessions 2017!
We are still finalizing a few details for the summer of 2017 and will update this page as needed. Applications for the 2017 summer sessions are not yet open and the earliest they would be accepted is April 1, but we will update with the exact date as soon as we can.

We will be offering week-long sessions for high school students, who must have completed at least 9th grade by this summer. Please see below for information about our programs.

Cambridge, MA Sessions:
Session I: July 10-14
Session II: July 17-21
Session III: July 24-28
Session IV: August 7-11*
Session V: August 14-18*

RTP, NC Sessions:
Session I: July 17-21
Session II: July 31-August 4

Hours: Each session meets daily from 9AM to 4PM, but only until 1PM on Friday.

Program Description: Adventures in Biotechnology
Conduct a hands-on lab project, meet and interact with scientists and other biotech professionals, tour labs and get an inside view of a biotech company! You will not only learn about biotechnology, but you will DO biotechnology!  The project involves starting with DNA that codes for blue fluorescent protein and your goal is to get purified green fluorescent protein by Friday. To accomplish this you will learn and do the following techniques: bacterial transformation, site-directed mutagenesis, protein extraction, affinity purification and PAGE.

*These two sessions will have a different topic, still to be announced. Students may only attend one session.