Commitment to global citizenship

As a global company, our commitment to corporate citizenship and environmental sustainability reflects the best interests of our patients, our stakeholders and the communities we serve.

Impacting hemophilia around the globe

Learn how Biogen, Sobi and the WFH are working together toward a sustainable model for humanitarian aid

Committed to what counts

Together we work to meet the best interests of society and our communities and improve outcomes for people living with serious diseases.

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Support that goes beyond medicine

We support patients and those who care for them with a range of helpful services, financial assistance and other programs.

It is a great feeling to know that your work—which supports you and your family—also supports the lives of those you may never meet, people who have families and loved ones of their own.

- James Dean

Patient Services Supervisor

Serving communities, supporting science education

We are dedicated to volunteering in our communities and supporting STEM education through the Biogen Foundation.

Creating opportunities through grants

  • Partners in Possibility

    The Biogen Grants team strives to create opportunities through educational grants, corporate sponsorships, fellowships, exhibits, charitable contributions and in-kind donations.

    We collaborate with a wide range of patient, medical and scientific organizations that share our mission of improving health and facilitating access to therapies. Our U.S. and international grants programs provide meaningful opportunities for these communities to gain knowledge, better understand treatment choices and advocate for patient health and wellbeing.

  • Medical Education

    Our medical education programs aim to catalyze the power of science through support of educational grants and scientific programs for healthcare professionals. These include both accredited and non-accredited educational activities that promote improving care and outcomes for patients worldwide in several therapeutic areas. 

  • Medical Fellowships

    Our medical fellowships support talented clinicians early in their careers with the goal of propelling the next generation of care. We sponsor both emerging and established programs designed to train multiple sclerosis and hemophilia specialists, with a strong focus in the clinical arena. 

  • Charitable Contributions

    It is our goal to help create and inspire new opportunities for patient communities. We support patient-focused organizations and programs through general donations that both empower great ideas and give back to the communities to which we are so dedicated. 

  • Sponsorships & Exhibits

    Through corporate sponsorship, advertising opportunities and other means, we support a wide range of activities for the medical, scientific, patient and local communities, including industry conferences, health fairs, annual meetings and fundraising efforts. These events are invaluable opportunities for us to directly engage with and respond to our communities. Many Biogen employees provide hands-on support for the events through volunteer engagement.

  • Hemophilia Scholarships

    We support the hemophilia community’s pursuit of academic accomplishment. We are proud to enable students with hemophilia to follow their passions through a broad range of academic scholarships, including individual awards for vocational/technical schools, community colleges and four-year colleges and universities. We are look forward to seeing what the next generation learns, discovers and achieves.  

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Shrinking our environmental footprint

As we grow, we strive to be, in a way, smaller. A smaller environmental footprint can make a bigger impact in the communities in which we live and operate.

Our vision

Our strategic approach to environmental sustainability focuses on water, energy, carbon neutrality and materials.

Energy use & carbon neutrality

We have first reduced then effectively neutralized all the carbon emissions associated with our business.

Environmental metrics

We continually track and monitor the impact we are having on the world around us.


How we do business

At Biogen, we focus on acting responsibly in all aspects of our business, working to ensure honesty, fairness and integrity.

Our perspective on issues of impact

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