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  • Welcome to the new Biogen

    CEO George Scangos on the company’s name change, which reflects our evolution as a company, our future and our heritage.

  • Breaking Wave

    Breaking Wave is an anamorphic kinetic sculpture created for Biogen's new headquarters in Cambridge, MA. The sculpture tells the story of the search for patterns, and the surprising results that come by changing our point of view.

  • State of MS Survey Findings

    The State of MS survey is a global assessment of the needs, experiences, and attitudes of people living with MS and neurologists who treat the disease in five countries (Germany, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States). The purpose is to better understand the current MS experience worldwide, including an assessment of communication between patients and physicians.

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We advocate for government policies that ensure we are able to improve the lives of those we serve through access to important medicines, enable innovation in our industry and provide a meaningful benefit to society.