Science that matters

Impacting lives through visionary science
Working to make a positive impact for our patients, the communities where we work and live, and for society.

A Note From Biogen's CEO, Michel Vounatsos

"Science That Matters is a commitment to pursuing what is most difficult."

For patients

Working to improve the health of patients
Our focus is to solve some of the most difficult challenges in medicine, as we work to transform the standard of care for neurological and neurodegenerative diseases and support access to treatment.

For society

Innovating for a better future
Advancing solutions to global environmental challenges and achieving operational excellence through innovative collaborations and cutting-edge science.

For communities

Supporting communities where we live and work
Fostering diverse, vibrant and enriched communities that are embracing the promise of science to all and inspiring the next generation of scientists.

Community lab

Introducing students to the world of science
Sharing the joy of science through our Community Labs, dedicated classrooms aimed at providing a hands-on learning experience for the next generation of innovators.