At Biogen, our goal is to create an environment where creative scientists can flourish. Those with a passion for science and innovation who join our community through our postdocl program are an important part of the equation. The program provides promising scientists up to four-years of support in an atmosphere that values collaboration and innovation.

If you are passionate about answering fundamental scientific questions that lead to drug discovery, consider applying to our program. We are interested in high-caliber candidates from leading academic institutions who are seeking to truly make a difference in the lives of patients.


•    Mentorship — Biogen’s accomplished researchers, with backgrounds in academia and industry, will be your mentors and advisors.

•    Cutting-Edge Science and Technology — You will work with Biogen scientists and use our cutting-edge technologies on long-term scientific projects, helping to advance our understanding of your field.

•    Collaborations and Consortia — We collaborate with leading academic research institutions around the world so you have opportunities to work with the most innovative researchers in your field. We host several academic consortia each year, as well as seminar speakers.

•    Publishing — We help you publish your research in top peer-reviewed journals.

Our postdoctoral program enables candidates to learn while pursing great science, to have the greatest impact and benefit for both their future careers and for patients worldwide.

— Michael Ehlers
Executive Vice President, Research & Development

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We offer competitive packages. Postdoc fellows are also eligible for annual salary increases.

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