Biogen is a complex global organization with critical objectives to become a leader in neurosciences. Administrative roles are the backbone of our organization; this function provides support to our researchers, engineers and sales professionals so we can continuously strive to meet customer needs.

We are looking for talent that is self-driven, motivated and passionate about our work while working in a matrixed environment dedicated to patient needs.

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Business Development

The Business Development and External Innovation function partners across the organization to evaluate growth opportunities and lead transactions with potential partners. This team has a key role in building for the future of Biogen by looking for innovative opportunities that align with Biogen’s strategy.

We are a team who works to invest in the future of Biogen and we’re looking for people with the same passion. It’s a fast-paced, high-energy environment with the ability to have high impact across the company. We look for individuals who want to live at the intersection of business and science while focusing on Biogen’s future growth opportunities.

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Commercial Strategy and Commercial Operations is at the intersection of data sciences and commercial investment decision-making. We collaborate with colleagues in Market Access and Sales and Marketing to determine the most effective business approach for getting our therapies to the patients who need them. We carefully consider and deploy the investment and strategic placement of our resources.

If you are a highly analytic thinker who enjoys gathering information and interpreting trends to solve challenges and uncover new opportunities, we want to partner with you.

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Corporate Affairs

Corporate Affairs tells the story of all that Biogen stands for and does. We enhance the healthcare environment through excellence in global communication, policy analysis and alliance development, building meaningful relationships with those who advocate for patients and working to create an environment that supports Biogen’s focus on developing innovative therapies.

We seek passionate and driven leaders who think creatively; sophisticated and nuanced communicators who can help Biogen tell its story.

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The Engineering group is responsible for supporting all capital projects and processes at our drug substance and drug product sites. We manage the design, development and testing of high visibility, complex projects from ideation and conceptual design through design/technology transfer and implementation readiness within a cGMP regulated environment.

Our work is vital and rewarding. If you have a dynamic personality, enjoy collaboration, thrive in an energized environment and want to make a real difference in patients’ lives, we want to hear from you.

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Environmental Health & Safety

By having Environmental, Health & Safety (EHS) group that works on reducing or eliminating risks wherever possible utilizing Human Performance concepts, Biogen minimizes potential liabilities in the long run, and best fulfills its obligations to employees, the community and shareholders. EHS provides a corporate infrastructure to develop and implement EHS programs, perform investigations and to provide expert consultation to operating departments. The EHS professionals at Biogen are not only subject matter experts, but also EHS generalists, resourceful and customer service oriented.

Our work is vital and rewarding. If you have a dynamic personality, enjoy collaboration, thrive in an energized environment and want to make a real difference in patients’ lives, we want to hear from you.

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Facilities & Infrastructure

Our Facilities and Infrastructure team encompasses a range of business areas across organizations that allocate, optimize, enable, and preserve Biogen’s sites and buildings worldwide. This global team has a focus on areas from Facilities Services who support functions and amenities, enabling employees to conduct their work efficiently and comfortably to Facilities Maintenance who provides extensive services that keep our facilities operating efficiently. Other functions include Infrastructure and Capital Management and Space Planning. These teams are dedicated to providing our fellow employees with world class facilities and services.  

Our work is vital and rewarding. If you have a dynamic personality, enjoy collaboration, thrive in an energized environment and want to make a real difference in patients’ lives, we want to hear from you.

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Finance & Accounting

Working in Finance at Biogen is an opportunity to partner across our organization to drive our company's continued financial success and the creation and sustainability of shareholder value. Whether it be setting our long term strategic financial trajectory, collaborating with different parts of the organization on project feasibility, determining profitability of new product lines, developing pricing strategies across various markets or conducting financial due diligence on potential collaboration efforts across the industry, our finance team makes an impact as a strategic partner driving Biogen’s success.

We seek professionals with strong financial acumen, excellent collaboration skills and the ability to navigate and influence in a matrixed organizational structure. We look for people who are passionate about driving the business and our company's financial success.

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Human Resources

The work that we do as a company is challenging and vital. That is why people are Biogen’s strategy for success. Hiring the right talent and nurturing leaders are essential for us to innovate.

Human Resources (HR) develops initiatives to attract, develop and retain smart, proactive, courageous and collaborative talent interested in participating in transformative people work. We create resources for current employees to develop and advance their careers. As a key contributor to company-wide strategic decision-making, HR also helps drive the company’s business strategy forward.

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Information Technology

Advances in our field are increasingly driven by technology. While we continue to support business functions throughout Biogen, we also deliver strategic insights and innovative solutions for the company’s continued success. Additionally, our Global Data Office and Digital Health Technology groups are expanding Biogen’s ability to see, measure and influence biological processes in order to enable breakthroughs in patient care.

We seek professionals who are passionate, eager to make a difference and committed to operational excellence; leaders who can cultivate strong business relationships; and original thinkers who will uncover new technologies.

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Internships & Co-ops

At Biogen, we know that students infuse companies with new ideas and diverse perspectives. Our student programs are designed to identify and engage bright, passionate early career talent and to create a teaching environment where they can develop technically and professionally.

Through a range of educational experiences, we introduce students majoring in life science and non-science degrees to career choices in the biotech industry. Our goal is to attract driven, entrepreneurial individuals who want to be part of a mission to make a meaningful difference in the lives of patients with few or no treatment options. Whether you are pursuing your Bachelor’s, Master’s, Ph.D. or Postdoc, learn more about ways to launch your career at a leading biotech.

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Legal & Compliance

Led by Chief Legal Officer Susan Alexander, Legal & Compliance partners across the company to play a key role in Biogen’s strategic decision-making. We also serve as the guardian of the corporation, advising on potential risks within the industry. Our work is dynamic, fast-paced and collaborative – we thrive in a culture of feedback.

We are a diverse group with a shared commitment to Biogen’s patient-focused objectives. We seek candidates who are equally committed: leaders with integrity, tenacity, diligence and a willingness to take initiative.

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The guiding mission of Pharmaceutical Operations & Technology (PO&T) is to produce quality therapies that are delivered to patients when and where they need them. Meeting this goal requires visionary thinking about the way we manufacture and distribute our products, as well as how we support clinical trials and strategize for opportunities in biosimilars.

PO&T has been recognized as a strategic differentiator within the industry – a key contributor to Biogen’s success. We have manufactured large-molecule therapies for decades. Recent innovations include production of small-molecule therapies and the addition of an oral solid-dose facility. We set the standard for operational excellence.

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Market Access

Market Access brings together science, medicine and economics to leverage the clinical and economic value of Biogen’s important work. We develop business strategies to optimize reimbursement and patient access to our therapies, and identify better solutions in areas such as outcomes, quality metrics and care delivery.

We seek versatile professionals: problem solvers who embrace challenge, strategic thinkers who can implement new ideas, and change agents who are highly collaborative.

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Medical Affairs

Worldwide Medical brings a broad perspective to Biogen’s scientific community. We gather, interpret and disseminate scientific and medical insights from multiple channels. We share insights with the broader scientific community to establish leadership and expand engagement with leading thinkers. We drive real-world data generation and provide medical leadership for innovative research initiatives. Through publications, congresses, symposia and other forums, we actively engage with external parties like healthcare providers and patient advocacy groups.

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Patient Services

In Patient Services, we are committed to improving the lives of our patients.  Our goal is to educate customers about our products, to provide services that facilitate access to our treatments, and to ensure safety and compliance with FDA standards. Additionally, we strive to support people in managing their therapy when it comes to living with MS and SMA.

Our department works closely with Marketing and Sales to ensure consistency in the messages we provide to our customers and to drive patient acquisition and retention. Located in both Weston and RTP, we provide support services to help our patients cope with the challenges associated with living with their disease, as well as find resources to assist them in obtaining free or discounted medicines.  

Our mission is to educate by increasing customer's knowledge and understanding; advocate by making starting and staying on therapy easier and innovating to build customer loyalty through superior service.

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Postdoctoral Program & Fellowships

At Biogen, our goal is to create an environment where creative scientists can flourish. Those with a passion for science and innovation who join our community through our growing research and development postdoctoral program are an important part of the equation. The program gives promising scientists support and experience in an atmosphere that values collaboration and innovation. If you are passionate about answering fundamental scientific questions that lead to drug discovery, consider applying to our postdoctoral program.

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Procurement is a critical function within Biogen. Our global team works with stakeholders in every functional area to maximize value in annual spend, reduce operating risks and save the company millions annually. Our stakeholders can trust our expertise to improve delivery timelines and increase project value through best-in-class market intelligence, detailed analytics, robust RFP process and contract negotiation.

Our work is vital and rewarding. If you have a dynamic personality, enjoy collaboration, thrive in an energized environment and want to make a real difference in patients’ lives, we want to hear from you.

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The Quality Control group provides technical leadership and active oversight from the start of batch production in manufacturing to the end of the lifecycle for a batch of product. This includes raw material and environmental testing at the start of batch production, release testing at the time of batch release and stability testing throughout the lifecycle of a batch.

The Quality Assurance team is responsible for supporting the review and approval of validation and engineering documents, test protocols, CAPAs, deviations, and any technical documentation requiring Quality Assurance approval before implementation and upon completion. The corporate quality function is responsible for developing and managing our quality systems, training and audit.

Our work is vital and rewarding. If you have a dynamic personality, enjoy collaboration, thrive in an energized environment and want to make a real difference in patients’ lives, we want to hear from you.

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Regulatory is a global, multi-faceted group unified by the interconnected goals of serving Biogen and making a difference in the lives of patients. As the liaison between Biogen and regulatory authorities, we are involved in the entire life cycle of a therapy, from inception to commercialization. We are grounded in science, with the versatility and adaptability to work in an ever-changing and complex regulatory environment.

Regulatory also plays a vital role in guiding Biogen’s drug development strategies and processes. In this role, we interface with all functions across the value chain of the organization.

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Research & Development

Biogen is a science-driven company. We were founded by scientists and continue to be committed to original research that uncovers the underlying biology of complex diseases. Our focus is on illnesses with high unmet needs and our Research & Development (R&D) organization will be at the core of our future success; we have an unprecedented opportunity to dramatically improve the lives of our patients.

Joining R&D means collaborating with and learning from some of the greatest minds in science. It is an intellectually stimulating, dynamic environment that values integrity, respect, cross functional team work and open communication. We work hard to ensure employees have the opportunity for stimulating career paths.

Our work is vital and rewarding. If you have a dynamic personality, enjoy collaboration, thrive in an energized environment and want to make a real difference in patients’ lives, we want to hear from you.

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Sales & Marketing

Sales and Marketing teams are on the front lines every day, ensuring that Biogen products have the right visibility for the patients who need them most. We manage multiple global brands, support Biogen’s existing portfolio of therapies and help prepare new drug candidates for launch. To succeed in these roles, we work from a deep understanding of the science behind our therapies and the disease areas that they treat.

Our work is vital and rewarding. If you have a dynamic personality, enjoy collaboration, thrive in an energized environment and want to make a real difference in patients’ lives, we want to hear from you.

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