Internships & Co-Ops

At Biogen, we know that students infuse companies with new ideas and diverse perspectives. Through a range of educational experiences, we introduce students majoring in life science and non-science degrees to the diverse career choices in the biotechnology industry.

Whether you are pursuing a Bachelor’s, Master’s, M.B.A., or Ph.D., we invite you to learn more about ways to launch your career at one of the leading biotechnology companies in the industry.

Already graduated?

Our internship and co-op programs are designed to identify bright and passionate student talent.. We take a long-term view by offering students a journey from “internship to leadership” through hands-on work experience in a collaborative teaching environment.

Frequently asked questions

What types of internships and co-ops are offered?

Each year we have opportunities across all our major lines of business. No matter what your major, you can explore the diverse career options available within the biotechnology industry.  

Functional areas include:

  • Drug Discovery
  • Clinical Development
  • Manufacturing Sciences
  • Engineering
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Information Technology

Where are the internships and co-ops located?

  • Cambridge/Weston, MA
  • Research Triangle Park, NC

When are the internships and co-ops offered?

We hire students for summer internships, which begin in May/June and are typically 12-week assignments. Summer internship positions will be posted in January.  

Our co-op positions are six-month assignments, from January through June, and again in July through December. Co-op positions will be posted in January and in September. 

What do you require to be eligible for a summer internship or co-op?

Students must have completed at least one year at an accredited university and must be planning to return to school following their internship or co-op.

How are interns and co-ops paid?

All of our internships and co-ops are paid assignments. Interns and co-ops are paid based on the last year completed in school and field of study.

What makes Biogen’s internship and co-op program unique?

  • In addition to meaningful and relevant work, students participate in educational workshops and social networking events throughout their assignments.
  • Exposure to cutting-edge science and multiple career paths in the biotechnology industry.
  • Experience a diverse, collaborative and inclusive culture.
  • You will make an impact by being part of a company that changes lives.


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