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Patient Solutions

Designed with patient input, our solutions aim to offer a comprehensive approach to improving disease prevention and health outcomes for patients and caregivers through holistic lifestyle improvements, self-screening to facilitate diagnosis and digital disease companions.

HCP Solutions

Our HCP Solutions aims to support healthcare professionals by keeping them up to date with the latest developments in neurology, enabling remote monitoring of their patients’ disease progression, aiding with clinical decisions by leveraging machine learning and AI, and supporting the relationship between patient and caregivers.

Measurement Solutions

Assessing the true evolution of neurological diseases is a challenge. These diseases often progress slowly, and most current measures are episodic and subjective. Our Measurement Solutions aims to change that with scientifically validated passive and active assessments, remote and in-clinic, that we can use in R&D, real-world studies, and one day, within our HCP and Patient Solutions to improve remote monitoring.

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Evidence Generation Solutions

Only a fraction of patients participate in clinical research. What if every clinical visit turned into high-quality research data points? We develop and sponsor real-world research solutions that use technology to collect standardized, quantitative data in real time for patient care, or pseudonymized for systematic learning.

Virtual Reality and Mental Health Solutions

Technology offers an unparalleled opportunity to improve access to mental health solutions. Virtual Reality, with more than 30 years of academic research on its impact on mental health, could revolutionize the traditional care paradigm by improving services; connecting patients, doctors and caregivers; and offering treatment alternatives.

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Sharing our successes, failures, opinions, perspectives, and news about our journey in neuroscience digital health.

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