Welcome to the new Biogen

March 23, 2015

After 12 years operating as Biogen Idec, our company will now be known simply as Biogen. 

In the years since Biogen and IDEC merged, we’ve made remarkable progress as a research organization, a commercial enterprise, a provider of medicines and a corporate entity. We are at an exciting moment in our history, at the forefront of pioneering science, with possibilities for significant worldwide growth and a united team.

Now we’ve reached another milestone. With our new name comes a new logo, a new and modern visual identity and new ways to engage in conversation — the centerpiece of which is this website and the communication channels that support it.  

The old Biogen and the old IDEC each contributed meaningfully to our current success, but today we are a new company, distinct from either parent, and we hope not only to carry on our heritage of excellence, but to forge new ground. Our name is intended to acknowledge our heritage but also to create a new image to reflect our new reality.

Though we will no longer be known as Biogen Idec, we will continue to honor the contributions of IDEC to our growth, to patients and to society. IDEC was the source of two important cancer treatments that have helped millions of patients worldwide and contributed tremendously to our success. IDEC’s innovation will always be part of our history, with its leaders and scientists honored in our corporate headquarters.

While our name and logo are new, our mission remains unchanged: We are firmly based in science, focused on patients and determined to create meaningful therapies for serious medical conditions. I couldn’t be more optimistic about our future and I am proud and humbled to think about the potential value we can bring to patients and their loved ones.


George Scangos, former Chief Executive Officer


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