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State of MS Report

March 23, 2015

When it comes to information about living with multiple sclerosis (MS), more is better. More than nine in 10 patients say – and neurologists tend to agree – that they like to know everything about their MS, whether it’s good or bad.

How do we know? We asked.

As part of a comprehensive State of MS initiative, an international survey sought to understand MS care by surveying those in the trenches: people living with and treating the disease.

Commissioned by Biogen and conducted online by Harris Poll, the survey focused on a key aspect of MS care: communication between patients and their doctors.

When communication is done well, it reinforces a healthy partnership between clinicians, patients and others actively involved in MS care. And for truly successful treatment regimens to be developed and maintained, patient participation is fundamental.

Our commitment to improving the lives of MS patients – an effort that extends well beyond medication – prompted this timely analysis.

What did we learn? In short, despite the generally positive assessment of current practice in MS, certain aspects of communication between doctors and patients could be better. It’s our fervent hope that the survey will serve as a catalyst for improvement – not only in doctor-patient dialogue, but also in information more precisely targeted to the answers patients and neurologists still seek about MS.

The study was conducted by The State of MS Consortium, an international steering committee of treating neurologists from five countries and representatives from patient advocacy groups.

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