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Raising the Bar

March 23, 2015

Women hold only 18 percent of the Fortune 500 board seats and approximately 10 percent of board roles in biotech companies. Biogen is comprised of 52 percent women, giving us a pipeline of qualified talent prepared to close this gap. In January 2015, Biogen announced Raising the Bar: Advancing Women on Boards, a pilot program to sponsor high potential female leaders to take on roles on corporate boards.

“As an innovator in a cutting-edge industry, we take our role in this effort seriously and lead by example in creating an inclusive workplace. Today, there is an immense pool of talented, but underutilized women eager to help companies succeed at the highest level. This program is one way to appreciate firsthand the value of placing strategic, analytical and creative thinkers into board positions,” said George Scangos, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer.

To prepare candidates with the knowledge and skills to be effective contributors, Biogen will sponsor training in the “Women’s Leadership and Corporate Governance” program at George Washington University School of Business.

One candidate, Esther Alegria, already has been placed on the board of Union Atlantic Electricity, a Maine-based utility company eager to show a commitment to gender equity by having a more gender diverse board.

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