Insight - Advancing the Power of Difference

March 3, 2016

We rely on difference to achieve business success, contribute to a healthier society and bring transformative solutions to patients and the communities we serve. Without diversity, our ability to solve complex problems - the very foundation on which our company is built - would be difficult to navigate.

This is why we have been focused on growing a sustainable workplace culture of excellence and inclusion. We believe that this is best accomplished by eliminating barriers and enhancing access to opportunities and resources.  It means embracing and harnessing the potential of people of all backgrounds. Inclusion allows us to maximize the value from our workforce and the communities we serve.

Team leaders work to build groups where employees know they are valued for the mix of backgrounds and differences they bring, leading to more effective and innovative solutions for our patients. Our employees are empowered to be champions for inclusion by supporting each other through our employee resource networks, recognizing role models within the organization and participating in competency building programs.

We know, however, that cultural transformation takes a sustained, long-term commitment from the organization and its employees. With the future in mind, in 2016, we are expanding our mission, building upon our existing workforce diversity & inclusion platform to also include patients, providers and suppliers.

Expanding Access:  Our work begins and ends with the patient. Focusing on underserved patient populations and reducing gaps to quality care where they exist is a key tenant of our strategy. We are focused on looking at this through a diversity lens that aims to widen access to treatment, and ultimately harness difference to achieve better outcomes.

Enhancing Cultural Competencies:  A patient’s background impacts his or her relationship with medical teams.  This is particularly true of underserved patient populations. We are working in collaboration with top experts on the provider side to:

  • Reduce clinical disparities, both need-based and educational gaps, through data generation
  • Enhance external resources and partner with patient advocacy groups to better reach and educate healthcare professionals and communities in need
  • Improve awareness of health disparities and culturally competent approaches to enhance services to patients

Leveraging suppliers:  We believe strongly that there is a strategic advantage in cultivating a diverse supplier ecosystem.  Our philosophy is based in the belief that by enriching our partnerships through the inclusion of small businesses and businesses owned by veterans, LGBT individuals, women and minorities, we further support our company’s economic growth, innovation and competitive advantage.

Moving forward, we will continue to increase our commitment to harnessing our collective power, to gaining insight and understanding from each other and the communities we serve –  and to working to build a stronger and more cohesive, organization. Diversity is an innate part of how we operate and who we are. It means cultivating the value of difference in all aspects of our business.  And it means that the journey begins with each of us when changing behavior, by becoming aware of our own collective and individual mindsets to unlock the value of our own difference, that of our colleagues, and in the marketplace.

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