We are focused on areas with the potential to have the most impact and benefit for patients worldwide, developing life-changing treatments for people suffering from devastating conditions. Guided by science and driven to improve patients’ lives, our research and development efforts are primarily concentrated on neurological conditions including the most challenging neurodegenerative diseases of our time.

In all of our endeavors, our success will always be measured by the answer to a simple question: Have we truly made a difference in the lives of patients?

Leadership in Multiple Sclerosis

With more than 30 years of clinical excellence in MS, we are a leader in MS research, development and commercialization. We have the most robust portfolio of MS therapies in the industry with five disease-modifying therapies and one symptomatic therapy; globally, more than one in three MS patients is currently treated with a Biogen product.

And we continue to innovate to advance MS treatment and improve outcomes for patients. Our research is focused on potentially transformative therapies, including the potential repair of the damage caused by MS. We are also driving advances toward precision medicine by using new technologies to develop innovative programs and tools to better understand, measure and manage the treatment of MS. Together with our partners, we are working to enable doctors and patients to make more evidence-based, individualized treatment decisions with the goal of improving MS care.

Transformation of Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA)

In December 2016, we received U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval of the first and only treatment for SMA, a leading genetic cause of infant mortality. We continue to work closely with regulatory agencies to bring this therapy to patients around the world as quickly as possible.

Expertise in Neurodegeneration

Our world-class neurology research and development organization is pushing towards novel approaches for previously intractable neurodegenerative conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). We have bolstered our own discovery efforts with innovative industry and academic partnerships as well as consortia to accelerate the pace of discovery and development in bringing transformative therapies to patients. 

We view Alzheimer’s disease as an area where we can make a tremendous difference in the lives of patients. Today, there are very limited treatment options that can slow or stop the cognitive decline that is the hallmark of the disease. Biogen has one of the broadest and most advanced pipeline portfolios in Alzheimer’s disease.

Advancement of Gene Therapy

We have a long history of pioneering treatment advances for people who need them most, regardless of how difficult the science, unchartered the waters or small the population.

As we uncover new insights into human biology, Biogen is exploring entirely new ways to treat a range of diseases through gene therapy. For example, we are collaborating with the University of Pennsylvania to advance gene therapy and gene editing technologies, focusing on the development of therapeutic approaches that target the eye, skeletal muscle and the central nervous system.We aim to validate next-generation technology and explore the expanded use of genome editing technology as a potential therapeutic platform. Our goal is to build a robust gene transfer and gene editing platform for the future treatment of inherited conditions or broader, more complex acquired diseases. 


As many biologics reach the end of their patent lives, Biogen believes biosimilars are central to safeguarding future healthcare innovation. By offering cost savings, biosimilars can alleviate some of the burden on healthcare systems and promote sustainable access to therapies. Biosimilars can also expand patient choice and offer physicians more options to meet the needs of patients. Biogen has the expertise to manufacture and reliably supply biosimilars. Our biosimilars are manufactured in the same state-of-the-art facility in Hillerød, Denmark where our originator medicines are manufactured.