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Understanding the Impact of MS

Going Beyond Therapy to Help Improve Patient Outcomes

For more than 25 years, Biogen has been at the forefront of research and innovation in multiple sclerosis (MS). In addition to focusing on major advances in MS treatment, we strive to further transform patient care through research and initiatives that aim to better understand the impact of MS and achieve optimal treatment. Why? The short answer is, improving patients’ lives extends beyond effective therapies. For example:

  • In today’s environment, a greater call for precision medicine, in tandem with evolving models of healthcare reimbursement where outcomes must be measured and demonstrated, is driving an increased need for real-world data in MS. Registries have provided important information, however, no evidence-based “learning system” currently integrates both new and existing data to enable data-driven insights at the point of care to generate the best outcomes for each MS patient.
  • We have also seen gaps in health equity widen as diversity continues to grow in the United States. African Americans and Hispanics appear more likely to experience issues with their healthcare, and these challenges extend to those living with MS. Minorities also are underrepresented in clinical trials, leading to limited data and potentially preventing healthcare providers from delivering individualized care.

Insights like these inspire us to explore new opportunities to marry our knowledge and capabilities with those in the greater community, including collaborations with academic institutions, advocacy groups and more. Whether trying to comprehend the patient-physician dynamic, standardizing data collection to enable individualized treatment decisions, or taking a closer look at MS in minorities, we continue to better our understanding of the disease and its burden, as we seek to identify meaningful solutions that will advance MS patient care.

Improving outcomes for patients is central to all that we do at Biogen. We will continue to invest in innovative research and initiatives designed to minimize the impact of MS in our ongoing quest to transform the lives of patients.